Introduction to CRM/XRM concept

We provide educational workshops for sales and marketing teams. Goal of these workshops is to introduce key users to the possibilities of CRM-based systems, with emphasis on obtaining enough information that can be utilised for defining additional requirements for system's functionalities. Acquired information also allows relevant teams to properly define their requirements and demands on their own.


Analysis of functional and process requirements

We provide a full analysis of customer's business, marketing and service team's needs. We identify and define requirements for functionalities, features and processes, utilizing our past experience and up-to-date best practices. This analysis can also be used as an independent assesment for definition of future implementation projects.


CRM implementation

We perform the installation and basic setup od Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We implement custom tailored changes to configuration and application environment, to fulfill all defined functionality requirements. This is be achieved by both basic customizations in the Dynamics environment and also by advanced modifications through developement tools.


CRM implementation model

With experience from many large-scale deployments, typically driven by a "waterfall" model that brings negative consequences in a rapidly changing environment, such as budget overruns, failure to meet deadlines and obsolete and unnecessary functionality, we currently prefer models of agile implementation and development.


CRM training

For both end users and key users, we provide workshops and training sessions to teach them both general Dynamics CRM use and navigation and use of specific functionalities. We provide workshops and trainings aimed at new custom features developed during the realization of past projects.


Development and support

For realized implementation projects, we provide both technical and end user support, including identification of possibilities for further developement and enhancement of current CRM solution.


Finished implementations


Satisfied clients


Training hours



Years of experience

We have many years of experience with implementation of various CRM systems. For more than 10 years, we specialize in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and it's latest version, Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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